Leaving a desk job

I feel you. I’m working to leave my desk job in the future.

I was at a desk job for 5 years, went to a very active job for several years where I walked between 3-7 miles and lifted heavy things each day for work and lost 30 pounds. I ended up having some health issues that caused fainting and now I’m back at a desk job the past few years. Gained those 30 pounds back even though I cut carbs, watch what I eat and do either 1 hour of cardio and/or 1 hour of intense body weight fitness everyday. Sometimes both. With the active job I stopped working out outside of work and stopped watching what I ate and the pounds just came falling off.

All that said, I do really enjoy being able to sit and enjoy coffee while also working in the mornings. I missed that so much in my last job, strangely. Also, when I’m sick or just tired, working the non desk job was complete hell. I was feverish and sleep deprived on several days and still have to be physical. I would have given anything for a desk job for those few days.

It’s still my goal to get back to an active job, although those tend to be either high level positions (director or above managing multiple teams) or lower level (retail customer service). Either way I’m working my way back to that one way or another.

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