Leaving SoFla in a few months, perspective needed

First off - thank you for sharing your story and I commend you for being able to overcome. I cannot say I have the same experience as you but I can definitely say Miami has given me similar wear and tears.

I left to UCF for four years and it was life changing, the pace was slower, but not to the point where I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. I felt my anxiety go away entirely and I felt more focused as a result. Traffic was great, the people seemed nicer, but I did always miss home. My reasoning was my family but I have always said that when they pass I will leave Miami behind for a while, if not for good. I graduated and came back and it was the same anxieties creeping in, but this is a city I love. I bought a house last year 30 minutes away from Hialeah and still feel the anxieties, but not as much.

If you want my advice, I would try my best to find a city that resembles some of the good without all the bad. For me that was locations like Orlando and Houston when I would visit. But it all depends on where you land.

Best of luck and much love

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