[LeBrun] Waddell joined @FirstUp1050 this morning and certainly didn’t hide his obvious interest in Nylander but at the same time he’s being respectful of the process the Leafs are dealing with. My take: the Leafs know where Carolina stands. If you’re Waddell you sit back and wait and see

I hadn't been in 10 years and hadn't watched in the last few. These new cars are absolutely massive, and with the engine noise reduced, you can actually hear the road noise they make - the amount of air they displace and the sound of those huge tires rolling by at 330 km/h is mind blowing. My wife experienced it for the first time in her life this year and she was literally glued to the fence at the end of the straight just before the wall of champions for every second that the cars were on the track. She had zero concept of the speed of those cars. Kimi was on the track first for FP2 on Friday morning and when he went by on his first hot lap she nearly jumped out of her skin.

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