Leclerc skydiving stint did not go down well with Ferrari

First of all: All these figures are estimates and not all researchers agree on any of them. They are about the right size, though, so they work perfectly well here.

If you travel 15 miles a day for a year on a motorcycle the likelihood of you dying the next time you go for a drive is about 1 in 860.

For cars (based on 10 000 miles) it's about 1 in 6500

This number for skydiving solo is somewhere between 1 in 100 000 and 1 in 250 000, while for tandem jumps it's around 1 in 500 000.

Considering that the likelihood of youo dying on a morning jogis about 1 in 1 000 000, only two time safer than skydiving, we can conclude that skydiving is quite safe.

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