I Left the Amish 13 Years ago. I Self Published my Memoir and I am in the Last Year of Nursing School. AMA!

I have a friend who was in an abusive marriage, She finally left. After leaving I found out her 16yr old sister had a friend commit suicide one day and she was in bed with her for comfort, her husband forced her to have sex with him while her sister was in their bed. She and her husband have raised this girl as a daughter. This was my first red flag. Now her other children are behaving weirdly around their dad. Cps has been called but the kids won't talk and everything else has been deemed hearsay. I'm terrified for these kids. But I live no where near them and this man is an amazing manipulator. What can be done to help protect these kids if there is something going on? How can you do anything if they won't speak up, the only contact I have is with their mom, so even for me I'm going off of hearsay. Is there anything that can be done in your opinion?

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