The Left Should Learn From Charlottesville (How to Effectively Advocate for Leftist Ideas and Convert the Grillers)

Vaush is everything wrong with the Breadtube popularity contest and Internet Anarchism. He is only popular for platforming fascist Shoeonhead. Anyone who criticizes either person is silenced and mocked. You will be labeled an intolerant leftist if you question this in the slightest. If Vaush and Shoeonhead label you an intolerant leftist, you'll be publicly humiliated by thousands on Twitter. You will be silenced.

Vaush also thinks he knows better than acrual activists who have worked on the streets. He never has actually protested with these groups, and he doesn't understand what it is like to protest, but that doesn't stop him from being an internet anarchist who knows better than actual Activists.

Vaush is a coward and a fash apologist. He doesn't know how to protest because he has never actual protested. Go ahead and downvote all you want. Vaush is still a fash apologist.

Vaush's fans will dogpile anyone into silence. He is an expert at the Free Speech Olympics. Criticism is forbidden. You will be silenced and publicly humiliated on Twitter for saying anything even slightly critical.

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