Leftists have lost their damn minds.

It's very coincidental that this is happening now, right before an election. Expect further "crises" until the next vote day, probably even afterwards.

It's just so obvious. There's no way for him to "win" by their standards (but plenty by ours, which is exactly what he's done) - do nothing, and have the media say you're all talk. Do something, and have the media say you're Bush 2.0, you're a warmonger. Couldn't have happened at a more convenient time for Democrats, and no, the media won't mention anything about Kerry or Obama. That's why we call them FAKE NEWS.

Fuck the Deep State. Any single Republican that speaks out against Trump over this needs to be voted out ASAP. This shit NEEDS to be investigated everyone involved with Iran (hi Kerry) needs to be charged with sedition.

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