Legacy of Dreams is the best D3 I ever played.

Have ppl still not realized how LoN/LoD is just a assbackwards way of playing the game due to the design decisions?

  • you hate Sets because they ruined RoS, so you want to go back to equipping normal "regular items"

  • you can only do that by wearing a Set (LoN) or using a gem (LoN)

  • now your damage/defense is comparable (or even better) than Sets because of the per-Ancient item bonus

This means that normal gameplay (a guy decked out in Rares and a few Legendaries) like a normal ARPG can only be viable if you get some huuuuuge multiplier.

Why not just nerf/remove Sets from the game if you want the game to return to a state of balance, where people can actually use "regular items" without the need of LoN/LoD as a bandaid?

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