Want to "Legalize It?"

Ok who do I vote for then

Literally every single candidate is a "straw man" or some evil person who is creating these straw men.

What candidates are NOT involved in this kind of stuff? Who should I vote for? Or do I HAVE to vote the "lesser of the evils"?

Is voting third party really throwing my vote away? If that's true, than what is NOT throwing my vote away? Voting democrat? Republican? I'd rather throw my vote away, or not use it at all, then be FORCED into the lesser of evils.

Also, in looking at what these campaigns are funded by... Literally every one says they are funded by supporters/donations, as well as "The _______ for Congress/governor committee", ______ being whatever name the person running has. So, could you point out the correlation here? Or maybe direct me better in finding the information

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