They want us to be legbeards so bad, but we're not: FDS Humble Brag / Femcel Theory Debunked!

What do we expect? Lmao those incels don't know a thing about dating or relationships, because they have NO experience and are used to being rejected constantly. They are not even in the kindergarten lane of dating yet. They romanticise and fantasise over hot women and how 'easy' their lives are....because they don't see them as anything but an object of sexual desire to boost their ego. They don't think they have struggles, or attract fickle/ insecure men who see them as arm candy & try to knock them down etc. They don't interact with hot women unless they're being sexually rejected....those men aren't even socially competent or mentally stable... let alone attractive. So they project the 'incel' trope on us.

The Red Pill= The Rejected Pornsick. Who cares about their opinion? They are salty men struggling to get laid & have to resort to extreme tactics just to do so. Realistically I think its a cope for low value men that cannot keep decent women on their tails- hence why they seek to use and discard women fast, before they get rejected themselves. They are salty at confident women, as they're often rejected by them so they want the feeling of conquering them lol. Their games will only work longterm on a pick me with low esteem (big achievement!) - a woman with shit going for herself & at least common sense isn't taking that bullshit long when she has options. Vast majority of men on TRP are delusional & have been batting out their league, got spat out & are emotionally unstable/insecure. One of their 'guru's' Donovan, literally admitted he found TRP by googling about how hard he was finding it to get laid. LMAO... these men are kidding themselves they are 'high value'.

So what do we care what those men think...these are the types of men we reject & laugh at. Even if they target us, we see through them....& sometimes these men might not realise the woman is playing them back.

And tbh, it would make sense an attractive/intelligent/accomplished woman has a more ruthless attitude to dating/men and is more choosy, because she has more options to, gets sexually harassed constantly by scrotes trying to use her and knows a lot of men are full of shit.

The more men you attract, the more you realise how many are full of shit and play the same games. The more difficult it gets to not see through them.

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