Legendary Ferrari test pilot Dario Benuzzi testing the Model3 around the Maranello area. Benuzzi was the chief test pilot for the prancing horse for 48 years (!!!). A living icon appreciating the future of automotive.

Well, they should not care, because it does not really matter, beside the fun factor. One thing for sure: Tesla made the VW group rush to glue something together. They are followers, simple as that. Today they are chasing, as Tesla is a menace to their companies (You can include BMW, etc.). When the M3's pre-orders went live the BMW board of directors thought the numbers would be 30K and would have never reached 100k before the first deliveries. History says otherwise. Their plan was to keep selling shitty rigged hybrids until 2024 and then slowly introduce pure EVs. My guess is that their plans changed radically since then. Cheering because Tesla is not profitable is truly short sighted. They made those troglodytes wake up. Those are the same brilliant minds that despite making toxic vehicles for 100 years, still cannot do better than the newcomer without any experience. I can hardly understand your position...Most likely someone close to you, or someone you know, or the next Leonardo da Vinci died of cancer because of toxic fumes, yet there's a whole crowd hoping that Tesla fails. I cannot understand how you cannot see how we need to evolve and it needs to start somewhere. The Swiss, which hold all the money of the toxic companies you root for, surely prefer Tesla. they might know a thing or two, especially how to survive when everyone around is killing each other. Maybe they are just wise and ruthless and they love for their nature to be as pretty as it can get.

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