Legends of Tomorrow - 2x11 "Turncoat" - Post-Episode Discussion

Leave it to the time travelling superhero show to have a Christmas episode air in February.

Holy fuck they killed Sara. Again. Like damn, sure it was temporary, but still. That's the third time we've seen her die on screen (the Queen's Gambit/Amazo scenes kinda count).

Also George Washington said that Mick Rory, timetraveling former time-bounty hunter and semi-reformed thief, is the ideal American. Plus Mini-Ray vs the rat was a nice little (yeah I said it) conflict for Ray to have.

Evil Rip is easily one of the my favorite characters now. I know it's sorta played out, but I always have a soft spot for the whole "good character turns evil trope", mainly because it usually makes the actors/actresses show a completely different side to their character. Whether you're revealed to be Hydra or possessed by an alien squid monster like in Agents of Shield, really a white martian in disguise like in Supergirl, an evil doppleganger from Earth 2 like on Arrow and Flash, or basically any new character on Flash, the reveal (while obvious in most cases) usually brings out a whole new side to a character.

Jax was awesome this episode. I love that he got to show his stuff. I feel like he doesn't get to do that enough. Same with Mick. It was nice to see him away from the team and hanging out with George Washington.

Nate and Amaya are definitely not over though. But I'm ok with that, the show still has a lot of things going for it. Plus I like Nate and Amaya enough separately that I can tolerate them being together.

Next episode though! Legends

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