[Legion] S03E04 - "Chapter 23" - Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

I sort of get disgruntled with this line of thinking.

No one in this show is painted to be a hero or a villain in any distinct way.

One person's bad deeds are not less bad than another's. What is distinct between the two is that one act is had by a child who is very much outside of a society designed without her in mind, and the act of an adult who was the same, except he was also cognisant of his power and the potential consequences.

In my opinion, both are tragedies and heart-wrenching. "I am a good person, I deserve to be loved." and "Why did he turn me around?" - "Power." are disturbing and no less valid than each other.

The events that lead to Sydney's "betrayals" are legitimate. Her future self had warned her that David ends the world. The Shadow King (via a mouth-piece) unveiled a part of David that was grotesque and violent.

Both David and Sydney thought they were the hero. David because he would end the Shadow King. Sydney because she thought that killing David would save the world. That hero-villain dichotomy does not exist as the show's narrative. It exists solely in the minds of the characters.

Even the Farouk's status as a villain has now been drawn into question.

David is not more correct because he was damaged.

All else I can say now is that there is that David is in denial. Doing something bad does not justify being raped.

And lastly, your male chauvinism is showing with your "women around the world" comment. If you can't understand how and why people would agree that David did something unconscionable and unacceptable, that's a pretty serious character flaw on your part.

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