Leigh Alexander tweets KIA thread. How many other game journos watch this sub-reddit?

Game journalists love reddit. It's their honeypot for articles. Just go to a game/gg related subreddit and look at the threads with the most post/upvotes. They also love twitter as a source for articles. Why research & investigate things when you can just subscribe to a subreddit, follow people on twitter, & use search function?

I love how in a single tweet, she: 1) made indie devs a victim & 2) invalidates an actual developers opinions by summarizing how they feel. FOR them "60+hr trad development grinds down its employees til the feel unrewarded, resentful"

I feel like this was kind of a way to dismiss current & future devs speaking up, by saying oh they only dislike these cool people because their harsh experiences during game development made them broken. A broad analogy: grandpa is grumpy because when he was young, everyone had to work 3 jobs to support his family, don't mind his back-in-my-day rants.

In a later tweet, she says "big studios enforce the 'everyone outside these walls is not us and is not as good or trustworthy as you' thing to take advantage of talent". Oh Leigh baby, you don't work in a big game studio, how are you possibly speaking for us and stating these things? That's a pretty crazy and weird mentality. Game devs are incredibly open people and they are just as appreciative of someone else's amazing talent/work/achievements; give props where props are due. There are several instances of studios hiring on people who worked at other studios, bloggers, game journalists, modders, pro players, people who hacked/cheated/exploited their game, & people with no dev/gaming background. One of the most interesting things for me, is reading what game journalists/critics/indie devs claim big studio environment is like. It's pretty much reading a fiction piece based in bizarro game industry. What if R.L Stine wrote a Goosebumps series like this??? :o

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