So, do lesbians favor athletic bras over regular bras or am I just odd?

I have an underwire bra that I call my "straight passing bra", I wear it to religious stuff and funerals. There's something a little bit odd to me about the social expectation that my boobs be perfect, perky orbs (especially since I'm wearing it in situations where I'm trying to dress modest, you know?). It's not that there's anything wrong with the silhouette, it's just different from my mental image of my body.

I wear sports bras to work, or while doing anything particularly bouncy or sweat-inducing. Otherwise I free boob it.

When my breasts get saggy enough, I plan to tattoo, "No bras" underneath one, and "No Masters" underneath the other. Then, I'll be able to flash people twice. Once by pulling up my shirt to reveal my tits, and once by pulling up my tits to reveal my motto.

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