Less grind, More Strategy

I'm gonna ignore the first part coz its bashing a point i never made.

For your second point, my standing in the game has nothing to do with the state of the game.

For your third point, I'm in china server and cancer teams are rampant here but that too is irrelevant. Whether you see it often or not in Colosseum does not change the fact that this heroes have a power level that's a bit...let's say "suspicious"

For your fourth point, more hero diversity and composition would truly be great! I would love to see that. However, blaming the player base is very easy but at the same time wrong. If someone (a developer in this case) creates an environment that encourages a wrongful or undesirable action (which in this case is the presence of 'blatantly good heroes') then he or she has a greater burden in the responsibility. That is a principle in Law and all disciplines of Systems Dynamics.

You state that Roche beats himi/hanzo/abel matter-of-factually. You seem very knowledgeable about crusader quest. I apologize for lacking your level of intellect in determining how roche reliably beats himi hanzo abel. I hope you would be so kind as to elaborate on how rochefort manages to beat that team to my less informed self.

Now to what my complaint is. I will compare this game to pokemon simulation battles. There are OP pokemon around but there is a community run regulatory board that had overcome this problem with a 'format'. The most popular format in pokemon simulation is called OverUsed and this format allows for the use of almost all the pokemon except for pokemon categorized as 'uber'. There is a vast variety of teams and a healthy meta in OverUsed which is lacking in the 'uber' format which is the format that allows for any pokemon to be used. The uber format does not see so many variation in team compositions and a lot less popular. Back to cq, I feel these 4 heroes belong to this 'uber' tier. Since it isn't possible to do regulate these 'uber' heroes as a community, we have to rely on developers to do that. TLDR; is that there is a vast variety of teams out there that have a similar power level but a power level that's strictly lower than abel himi hanzo.

Anyway, the comments make it apparent the community prefer the grind more than the strategy. When people start saying "A beats B dude just accept it" over "A beats B because A's passive affects this part of B's passive", you know they are here for the grind and not for the strategy aspect of the game.

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