Why is less popular Marc Maron’s WTF podcast able to attract so many more bigger name celebrities than the JRE podcast?

As a host probably his belief in tower 9 but thats pretty tame. His other conspiracy beliefs which are also tame. His slight right leaning political view which is again pretty tame. However, His guests and his willingness to listen to almost anyone is not tame.The guest that believes aids is not real. Alex jones talking about (real) inter-dimensional vampiric space aliens. Eddie Bravo playing the devils advocate with all current human knowledge. MMA podcasts where 50% of the show is about pizzagate. Giving Jordan Peterson a platform to speak and getting his adsense for the podcast pulled and then doing it again. Giving milo a platform to speak. Joe is in a position where he can bring anyone to talk and not care how it will negatively affect his podcast.

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