'Let Iowa Be the Beginning of a New America': Last Poll Before Caucus Shows Sanders With 7-Point Lead - "The whole world is looking at Iowa. The whole world is asking whether or not the people in Iowa are prepared to stand up and fight for justice," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Your understanding of good primary election structure and scheduling is child like. The reason states like Iowa and NH go first is due to their smaller population allowing for people with less money to compete more fairly. It has nothing to do with racism despite what you dishonest virtue signaling fools would like to claim. Candidates who don't have large corporate/DNC backing, or huge grass roots infrastructure need to build momentum. The can only do this by being able to focus their resources on singular states early on. They hope for success, and ride the momentum of good results into more funding and support. Which is why the first group of states are singular affairs. Only after that can people who are successful afford to dump resources into giant blocks like the Super Tuesday lineup. Understanding this is nothing like trying to have some grasp on QM, or even General Relativity. Simply looking at it with a dash of cause and effect helps a lot.

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