Let me get this straight…

1) You can run and jump around corners effectively, in fact, its the only way to approach corners while moving which gives you half a chance of killing 40 year olds pre aiming random corners

2) The gameplay build is less varied from what we have seen so far, if you think standing still and pre aiming everything is how Call of Duty is supposed to be played you obviously didnt play the old games that you are referencing in this post, all playstyles were supported not just yours. You could run and jump around corners, crouch spam and dropshot in older games

The takeaway? You are gloating because you finally have a call of duty game that supports your slow playstyle which is great but we dont need to be told how to play the game by you.

Also worth mentioning that cod competing with insurgency sandstorm and Tarkov gameplay is laughable.

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