Let’s compare abortion in America to the rest of the rich world post-Roe vs Wade.

The unsaid portion here though is access and exception. In most of those countries, healthcare is universal, abortion is covered, there are many clinics it can be done at, and very few people will stand in the way or object if you need an exception.

In America, there is no universal healthcare, abortion isn't covered by any health subsidies thanks to the hyde amendment, only certain clinics can perform the procedure and many of those clinics in red states like Texas already had the door shut on them, and if you want to get an exception for anything short of facing imminent death, you cetain certainly won′t be able to, especially since doctors can now be sued by anyone for performing abortion. On top of that, America is a huge sprawl with little to public transportation infrastructure.

All of this and more is why women in other counties don't complain as much about their access.

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