Let’s put some glue in vaginas

Fun story!

My grandma and grandpa lived their lives in rural KY. Desolate forest type shit.

My grandma had her first 9 kids at home. She saw the dr some for 10 and 11 because there were huge complications but still delivered at home. Saw the dr again after and he said the next baby would kill her. Grandpa didn’t give a flying fuck and a year-ish later 12 is in the oven. They made her be at hospital this time so she luckily didn’t bleed out, but if she’d been at home she for sure would’ve died.

Fast forward a few months and grandpa is having a prostate procedure done at that same hospital. It’s not the same dr, but there’s like three doctors total, so everyone knows about everything. Grandma went in for a follow up and baby visit and he said to her “I saw your husband was in for prostate surgery. Enjoy number 12 shes your last little one.”

And she was.

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