Let’s ruffle some gun nut feathers today

Yeah, I don't see ANY hope out there at all. I just see everything rushing headlong toward total collapse, and it's near-fucking-impossible to move to another country. We're sitting ducks. The best we can hope for now is to acquire firearms while they're still legal (because who knows what kind of crazy-ass laws Trump will pass in his second term) and stock up while we can so that, at the very least, we can defend ourselves and our meager lives until Trump's military starts REALLY cracking down

Naivete is going to be the fucking death of a lot of people in short time. Stop hoping that things are going to get better - they won't - and start stocking up on guns and ammo now, before they start refusing to sell weapons to political dissidents in Trump's second term.

Shit's gonna hit the fans, people. Remember: no one thought Trump would win, either. Until he did. No one thinks Trump's going to go full fascist in his second term. Until he does.

Use that 2nd Amendment while you still can.

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