Let’s talk about drama and allegations.

Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?

I’ve engaged in discussion about this with you before, your statements about us “telling you it’s not a problem” are blatantly false.

no idea why you'd lie about this, i messaged the mods last week about comments in the hax thread and was told they were all fine/there was no need to remove or lock the thread.

You quite literally mentioned a threat of legal action (not to mention saying you’re a journalist of some kind, as if implying you’re going to “out” our behavior)

another weird lie. i've mentioned that the consequences for the commenters or mods could be bad, not sure why you'd frame it like that. given that you've worked on defamation cases i'm not sure why you'd need me to tell you exactly what could go wrong with allowing open discussion of sexual crimes.

as for mentioning i'm a journalist, it's odd you would take that as an implicit threat when you yourself admit i've gone out of my way to privately message you on more than one occasion to try and get ahead of issues. if i had any intention of 'exposing you' i don't see why i would continually try to bring stuff that could be a problem to your attention privately, but i don't think you're replying in good faith here

finally, to finish by saying i'm misrepresenting things is disingenuous at best given the nature of your comment. as you admit yourself, i've tried to help you time and again privately, for no gain to myself, so why i'd go through that again here when you're being so abrasive i have no idea.

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