I was let go today

Thats ok you will do better next time that is why for me ANY employer that has a problem with me having more than 1 job doesnt want an employee they want a slave whose fate they can decide.

By having more than 1 source of income nobody can ever have power over you to play you or starve you and leave you lost and broke wondering when the next opportunity will come.

If I was you I would file unemployment and check for another job and if possible ALWAYS have more than 1. Always be wary of employers who are against you having additional income because they essentially want to own you and have the power to treat you like garbage while knowing you need them to pay your bills.

I have seen people who couldnt cut it get to slide not because they could do it but because nepotism and other nonsense im sure you know.

You know the saying dont put all your eggs in one basket spread them out so if you accidently drop a basket you will still have some eggs.

Best of luck to you if you need income though try driving for uber if you have a car dont be discouraged I know something good is coming your way.

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