Lets Act! takes a brutal licking in this week's election. Bruins United wins 8 positions, Lets Act! wins 3

Sam Hoff, Rafael Sands, and Alejandra Reyes of the Daily Bruin live-tweeted the LET'S ACT! gathering, and the candidates said a number of other things as well.

Brain's [sic] United sweeps. Let's Act telling us reporters to "fuck off". This won't be easy. [link]

Attacking cameramen. [link]

"This time we lost the External Vice President's office. OUR office. It hurts." -former Pres. Devin Murphy #USAC [link]

"I don't know who Zach (Helder) is. But I do know that he is in OUR house." [link]

"This campus told me my story doesn't matter. And to that I say, fuck you." -Kevin Casosola [link]

"They hate me because I'm a brown Muslim woman. They hate me because I have passed divestment on this campus." - Aaliya Khan, Gen Rep [link]

"I'm not going to let them kill me because I know they want to. They are going to try their hardest to kill me." -Aaliya Khan [link]

"I'm going to be sitting on a completely white council. One that doesn't know what I've been through. I need you all." -Aaliya Khan [link]

I'm about to be the Negeen and the Lana on this council table. They don't know what's coming. -Aaliya Khan [link]

"I am mad because fraternities and sororities always have their way." -Anais Leontine Amin [link]

"The truth of the matter is we were a little too spicy for this campus." -Morris Sarafian [link]

"That office [EVP] is OURS. We are going to fucking take that office." [link]

"Now there is nobody to represent us on that table. Not one. We have been through that so many times throughout history" -Keytiana Tempstead [link]

Murphy is back. "We have lost the External Vice President's office and it is NOT OK. This hurts." [link]

I don't give a shit about USAC. I can work outside of USAC-Anais Leontine Amin #USACelection [link]

"Shame on this campus, shame on them for not electing the person who acted on their behalf every single day! Shame on them!" -Joseph [link]

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