Let's look back at the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit controversey

Honestly, Richard Lewis didn't handle his position well at all. He seems like he has(or had) a lot of dirt on Riot and their employees, along with their relationship with Reddit mods.

Unfortunately, he blurted it out, after he got banned and lost pretty much all credit(along with potential future information) he had in /r/leagueoflegends, so he could say anything and no matter how credible it was, people would just not take it seriously. Because being an asshole apparently makes you a liar too. Whatever, won't question the dumb logic behind that.

On the other hand, regulars at /r/leagueoflegends are ridiculously accepting of their moderators doing whatever Riot tells them to, if that ever proved to be true and don't have any sense of the implication that their mods practically play along with the company in charge of the game. Because Riot couldn't ever bullshit them, since they have a great history of not stabbing players in the back.

Meanwhile, the sub is practically lalaland, where speaking negatively about Riot, the mods and anything about their perfect game is downvoted into oblivion or banned/removed, while blind praise is upvoted to high heavens. And mods being shills is now being played off as a joke and anyone who tries to seriously talk about it, is either a Richard Lewis crony or a dumb hater or even worse a dota player.

I really wish this issue would be addressed more seriously, but unless Richard Lewis can pull another ace from his sleeve, it looks like /r/leagueoflegends mods will get away with being in Riot's pocket, by just joking their way through it. He(RL) fucked up big time, when he had a chance to make a point.

But anyway, if they're fine with their mods being played like puppets by Riot, who are we to disagree? If they agree with Riot moderating their sub, so be it, it's not like anyone else gives a crap.

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