Let's make bets on when the new lockdown begins. I think a week from today too many idiots

Not much because I already believe that to be somewhat true.

My area of concern comes from all this recent finger-pointing that started up again when states had to phase back on their reopenings.

It's gotten to the point where the conversation seems to go beyond just being angry at those who don't wear masks. Now we've got to shame all of these statistical people who didn't social-distance enough in May and June. It's not enough that establishments were allowed to reopen (as well as mass protests), increased numbers are the result of increased stupidity, bottom god damn line! Hell, while we're at it, let's openly entertain the idea of assaulting anyone not wearing a mask! Spray them with bear mace hehehehe stupid covidiots!

These notions seem to be misguided by emotion and vulnerability, and good ol' social media keeps coming around to enhance them. Sanitize your cerebrums folks

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