Let's say I can't move to LA?

just be careful about the daily reality of LA, where I currently live...

i kind of see things as such - i am either writing or i am not. so, whats keeping me from writing? In LA, earning a living can be a pain in the ass, JUST to live in LA, like my early days after USC - so at the end of each day, (you do whatever you need to do just to live there dont forget), you then schedule as much time as possible to do what you came to LA to do - to write! before moving to LA, unless you can truly afford to move here and deal with all the daily hassles - yes, depending on where you live, daily nonsense in LA eats up tons of time you could be writing - it might make more sense to really complete more screensplays, etc. Dont forget that driving from one part of town to another for a 45 minute meeting, round trip, can eat easily turn into consuming half of your day. You're going to want to get out and mingle, meet and greet, explore, etc, and thats great! just remember... ass in seat, hands on keyboard - no other combo will get your scripts written. Whenever you do make the move, SERIOUSLY interview your potential realtor or landlord even more than they might be interviewing you. there is a lot of problematic housing here and LA even has our very own housing laws as a result of abuse/negligence - as fancy or as sketchy as the place may seem.

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