Let's face it: The USA is not the proud, innovative country it used to be. The nigger is here to stay and the problem is only going to get worse. We may as well start the naturalization process in a country untouched by TNB, because the USA is not salvageable at this point.

  1. I'm not a violent person. Yes, I have multiple guns/etc.....but violence is not my forte. I'd rather plot/plan to destroy someone's life/career/reputation legally via the "system" and get my rocks off watching them get fired from their job, or their children taken away by social services or shit of that nature.

  2. I'm one man in a sea of self hating white liberals. California is lost. The new state I'm moving to has about ~10 years worth of "high quality life" left to it....before the filthy mexicans move in there and start shitting it up.

American government has had a bloodless coup performed upon it by various corporations and special interests (eg: ZOG and AIPAC and the banks...just to name a few). There's no fighting the regime. Americans won't willfully revolt against the regime (in any meaningful numbers) until said Americans are unable to find a job and the economy is super-destroyed. Think: "the Great Depression" type of poverty must hit every single American, before they will revolt against the tyrannical regime.

So in my viewpoint, it's best to run (aka "white flight"). Run from the tyrannical regime that hates my American freedoms, destroys my economy and chances of making a living by pandering to their banker/kike masters, destroys the cities I live in with their brown skinned hispanic hordes.

Whites might be oblivious when not threaten but shit got organized real quick that day.

You need to understand something: The communists/marxist jews that are trying to destroy America have had HUNDREDS of years worth of "practice" doing just that in Europe. Look at the war they're waging on the white male in America via the media. Now all white males are "potential single issue domestic terrorists" if they complain about the criminal regime in Washington DC, or they complain about the blacks/mexicans who are destroying their cities and quality of life.

America needs to have its own "holocaust" of the jew before things get better. Ever wonder why the average German citizen willfully joined the Nazi party? They got sick and tired of the jews destroying their cities. Americans suffer from a massive "liberal white guilt complex", and this is due to the lessons the jew learned when trying to destroy Europe. They now realize they can brainwash the white people into thinking "I'm a racist unless I agree to x, y, z") and it's much easier to catch a fly with honey than it is with a fly swatter (in the International Jew's eye).

So how do you plan on stopping the hispanic infestation of our country? You can't. All you can do is "white flight" until there are literally no cities in America left to "white flight" to (probably won't happen until 30-40 years from now).

Then it comes time to leave America for good.

This country had a good run until the marxists/communists came over and attempted to subvert America via their "liberalism".

"White flight" is the only recourse we have left at this point in time. Just fucking run away from the communists/marxist brainwashed population and their brown skinned pets.

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