Let's focus on the last scene from the recent chapter, what are your theories about this? I don't recall something like this in the series before.

I see what you’re saying now. I’m not sure if that would work though, The release is just removing your blocks so that you can use more of your body’s full power, Normal humans get hurt by it because their body’s can’t withstand the strength of their muscles full power, Even though their body’s can produce that much strength. Raian can use 100% of the strength his body can produce, His Kure genetics just allow him to withstand it. The 100% release for a Kure is still 100% of their body’s full strength, There’s no strength left that their bodies can produce without changing their bodies in some unnatural way. A 100% release for a normal human would allow them to use their full power, But their body would get destroyed, A 100% release for the Kure is still their full power, Their body’s just don’t get destroyed from it. I’m not going to say it won’t happen, Because fuck knows what Kengan will pull out, But a 150% Release feels weird because how can you release your mental blocks to force your body to produce more strength than it’s physically capable of. It’d have to be something like the Advance, Where you’re forcing your body to act in a way it couldn’t do normally, Which makes you produce more power than it’s physically able to on its own

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