Let's take a moment to talk about advice for new writer's...

No probs with constructive criticism, it's hard to even get people to look at your work, yet alone give educated feedback. That's one way we grow.

Issue I took is the WAY that criticism is given, this thread has multiple instances of grammar-police basically saying 'you're a dumbass cause you misplaced your apostrophe so you shouldn't even be expressing your opinion' to the OP. That's hardly constructive.

I don't like people in general, I like dicks even less.

But there is a problematic mindset these days that "anyone can write" and therefore all writing is valid as-is and desirable for the public.

The fact is that anyone CAN write. I also make music and anyone who can afford the price of a DAW and some samples or a keyboard can make music. For writing - anyone can start a blog, post writing in a very visible location now. That's the price of easy technology that has an extremely low barrier to entry.

The next step is to say 'well, you know it's not GOOD writing / it's not REAL music' etc - you're not REALLY playing the cello, you're playing the cello instrument on a synth. You're not REALLY penning good text cause you're all style and no story.

I suppose I have a dog in this fight - I'm sure you would think my writing was awful, I often don't have any real plot, I don't have crisis to overcome, my protagonist doesn't end each chapter with a dilemma and doesn't come back the hero. So I guess I too 'hide' behind style. But then I've been doing this nearly 30 years and have paid my dues, I feel that (since I'm neither asking for dollars or readers) that I can do what I like.

Anyone can write. Who cares what the readers think, or if there are any readers. The only rules placed on writing or music or painting (whatever) are the ones you're arbitrarily placing on them, and then the judgements you assign to them (good or bad).

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