Let's talk about Aghanim's on Gyrocopter

Not to sound flamy or anything, but OP, what MMR are we talking about here? Farming an Aghs on Gyro to push and farm waves sounds like the sort of reasoning that you'd hear from someone who rushes an Aghs on Furion and spams ult on CD. This is the same crowd that jokes about hitting quotas on Furion.

There are a number of things wrong (and right) about your reasoning:

  1. You aren't gaining networth for your team, you are trading it. By pushing in the waves, you give the opposite team that many waves in return of safe creep farm. Assuming both teams are about even in kills in towers, no Doom, Alch, or Midases, they will have about the same total networth also. The reason why Aghs Gyro isn't comparable with Bfury AM is because AM generates networth for his team by flashfarming the jungle, which an Aghs gyro does not do quickly.

  2. You are taking networth FROM your teammates. Your carry has nowhere to farm because the lanes are pushed in. Your supports have nowhere to farm their defensive items. Your team has to dive to the enemy half of the map to fight, which puts them in higher risk of buybacks and TP retaliations.

  3. By hogging so much farm from your team on Gyro, you have put yourself in a poor build. 4200 and an item slot to use the networth to do what? The aghs doesn't help your lategame DPS, nor does it synergize with any pure DPS items. The only item that it might synergize with is Eblade, which is highly inefficient for what you're doing.

  4. Aghs Gyro loses out on the XP from those waves, so you're actually putting your team at an XP loss by pushing those waves.

  5. Aghs Gyro can only fit in a very small number of lineups. Either you are 100% willing to take it lategame. IE, you are a team of lategame vs. a full team of gankers. Or your strat calls for it, such as a global strat, a void/ET on your team, or a splitpush strat. It does not fit in a majority of pub games, I would say.

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