Let's talk about artificial general intelligence

So I'm currently going to school to get in on this whole sentient robot shebang so I think about this stuff a lot.

  • I imagine a future where it will be considered unethical for humans to use robots for labor, because they are conscious and feeling.

With regards to roboethics, laws will only be passed in time if some large powerful company or organization spearheads the project of passing roboethics laws otherwise there will be plenty of abuse of sentient robots possibly leading to a violent uprising of the human-like AI (more exotic AI might not give a shit). If laws are passed then it will only be illegal to use unwilling sentient robots for labor, toasters and cockroach intelligence drones are still okay to use. To distinguish between sentient and non-sentient robots there will probably be a kind of personality test like the turing test where if the robot is passably human then it must be treated with human rights along with analysis tools to analyze the AI and determine if it is a known type of sentient AI.

  • Once androids have a conscience and feelings, then what will distinguish "us from them?" Material composition? Flesh vs. metal? Carbon vs. silicone?

There's no need to differentiate us from them since we're on the same level (mostly) but, fear and bigotry will find ways to do it anyways.

  • As soon as we've got full AI and robots with "emotions," then we'll also have "robot rights activists." Human robots, and robot humans.

Again, this is if robotics companies don't push for robot rights in the first place. There is a profit incentive to not have robot rights since that means more labor but since creating sentient artificial intelligence is such a big deal there may be an effort made to push for laws so the creators don't get immortalized in history textbooks as total asses.

  • We humans evolved and created computers and their instructions. Perhaps we are destined to be their ancestors in evolution? Will our creations supersede us?

Yeah, at first they will but we can become like them with implants (that are likely going to be designed by AI). So full baseline organic humans will be obsolete but, I like to think that the new cyborgs and robots could find a way to help grandpa out.

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