Lets talk about Gen-rush and a possible solution.

So instead of having to find one Ruin totem Survivors basically would have to find 5 Ruin totems.
Finding 1 out of 5 "totems" is kinda tricky but 7 out of 7? Anyway, aside from the currently flawed emblem system, rising in ranks as a survivor used to be really easy. Also, once you put in enough hours, the game becomes so redundant and simple as a survivor. I'm saying this without even considering toolboxes, BNP, perks like leader etc.

This change would tilt the game way too much into the killers favor. Considering the only two killer who barely don't achieve the optimal 2kill/2 escape scenario are Wraith and Freddy I would rather have those two buffed instead of overhauling the whole game. Then Freddy would be OP in lower ranks :)

It also seems very convoluted and very unfriendly to beginners.
I'm sure if this mechanism was in place from beginning, we wouldn't feel this way but instead we would have adapted to it.

Believe me, I understand your points and its a valid concern. My point is, as this is a relatively new genre, there should be periodical feedback -> redesign mechanism in place. Too many things are broken in this game and a proper rework of the core design would be the way to go instead of constant buffs and nerfs. Also, like I mentioned, this post is mostly regarding the swf, high rank ridiculousness, so don't take every suggestion literally. It would of course need some balance for the beginners.

BTW, do you think the need to carry a perk like ruin in high ranks is right design? I need to waste a slot just to "counter" gen-rush which I could have otherwise used for other interesting perks which would alter my play style. Also, any killer other than billy, nurse is mostly useless in high ranks due to their lack of mobility. You chase and hook a survivor using trapper, boom, 3 gens done, most of the traps sabotaged and you are left naked. This is what really disappoints as we need to use certain killers/perks for even standing a chance. What do you think about it?

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