Let's Talk About Post Views, Self Promotions, Face Reveals, and a Few Other Things

First of all, the effort gone into this post is amazing. Thank you for taking the time.

I want to preface this with saying that I'm saying all of these things as someone who joined this community as a listener and was taken advantage of and manipulated by a VA. I know the power content creators have over their listeners.

I have to ask, why is seeking validation via pictures any different than seeking validation via audios? Yeah, its an audio community but I don't understand, thats why anything but audios aren't typically allowed to be posted within the subreddits. If someone wants to share pictures via their profile or Twitter, I don't think they should be shamed for doing so. Just don't click on them. It's no different than tags they might not be into.

The age thing is also bothersome. If someone wants to tell their age, thats is no one's business except that person. We aren't just voices. We are real people with an age, a face, hands, a body. We aren't just voices to get off too. We are human beings.

If a listener has a problem with a content creator revealing personal details, that is completely on them. To absolve listeners of all responsibility for their own feelings and actions is not fair at all. Now, I'm not talking about if a creator is taking advantage or hurting a listener. That is something completely different.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as aggressive but this isn't the first time this topic had come up. And every time it comes up, its the content creators who are at fault. Its never the listeners taking responsibility for their own feelings and their own actions. Yeah, some content creators are shitty people, there's no denying that. But some listeners are too and they shouldn't get off scotfree.

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