Lets Talk: Live music. Going to concerts and festivals. Best/worst experiences etc.

I'm 16 years old and live in the Philippines (a country with huge production costs and corrupt government), so I'm incredibly jealous of everyone who ever gets the chance to go to a lot of concerts. Not a lot of noteworthy acts ever go here, and I have a HUGE list of artists that I want to see, across varying genres. Tickets are also in general overpriced, with the best seats usually costing $120+ at least, even with lesser-known bands. So yeah, I probably will never get the chance to see Deafheaven, Sharon van Etten or Speedy Ortiz but I've already accepted that.

I've only gone to a few concerts but the Metric show was the best. Even though Metric is a pretty well-known band and would have sold out seats in Canada or even in America, me and a friend managed to score front row seats even if we went in around 30 minutes after the gates opened. At that point of time, Metric was my favorite band (and still is one of my personal favorites) so I couldn't believe that they were actually coming to a developing country.

Admittedly, the place was only half packed but they put on a really great show. You could tell Emily Haines and her band were really experienced by their showmanship and precision in the performances. Though they didn't sing my favorite (Lost Kitten), they still performed around 16-17 songs, including those from their first album Old World Underground, which was incredible.

In the last song, a great acoustic rendition of Gimme Sympathy, she actually came down the stage and high-fived the crowd. Being in the front row, I actually got the chance to HIGH FIVE EMILY HAINES, which has made my life so far.

Other than that, I went to the Chvrches concert two months ago on a school night, and they sounded really sharp. Again, at that point I had a huge Chvrches binge, so I couldn't believe that they were actually coming here. I couldn't actually believe that Lauren Mayberry was approximately 7 feet in front of me. However I felt that they could have interacted with the crowd and brought some more energy.

Overall I'm pretty happy with all the concerts I've been too (even the Taylor Swift concert was pretty solid) but I'm pretty afraid that I'll only be able to see a few of the artists I love live and in the flesh. I'm still incredibly jealous of New Yorkians and their $10 St. Vincent concerts.

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