let's vent to one another, what's on your mind?

My foster parents disowned my older sister when she was 19. This was two years ago but I just found out. Before I thought that my sister never want to see us again. They disowned her for a stupid reason too, she had lunch with my half-sister whom they disowned 5-ish years ago. They won't even accept a phone call from either of my disowned sisters.

She was a foster kid as well and the money stopped coming in from the government to pay my parents for her. No money, no love I guess. I'm moving out of my foster parent house in 4 months. I'll still be 18 (you have to move out at 19) but I need some space from them. Actually, I need a lot of space, I'm moving a 5 hour plane ride away.

I'm am going to get disowned too. They disowned every foster kid that left their house, always for a stupid reason. I kind of want to get disowned. The only family i'll have left is a couple cousins and my older sister though. I'm not to close with either, maybe a couple texts a year.

I'm kinda scared of living alone. Living "on my own" is no problem but I'll have no support whatsoever. I found out that one of my old foster brothers was living on the street for 2 years because he had nobody to turn to. My sister has been unemployed for a year. I'm good with money but i'll be in the "real world." If I screw up then i'll have to live with the consequences whether they be financial ruin or homelessness.

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