Let's say you won all that money, got accounts and etc taken care of...what do you wind up doing with all of your time?

Won the mega 5 years ago. I a few easy paragraphs, this is what happened:

Everyone I had ever met (seems like) decided that they were entitled to a piece of my pie. My immediate family (and a few extended) decided to take me to court to try to get a chunk of my winnings; case was dismissed as they had no standing.

I got pissed off at the world and got a little scared.

I set up anonymous LLCs, a self-settled, offshore, spendthrift trust and funded an unqualified immediate annuity to hide my money while still having access to it.

I bought a camper van, and drove around the US . . . for three years. Went a little crazy; finally got my mind back on a back country car campsite on the top of a mountain in western Montana.

Bought a modest 4 bedroom suburban home in a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood in NE Ohio. I have an in-ground pool, a Big Green Egg smoker, a patio bar, and a pressure washer. I have a medical marijuana card and every Friday after I fire up the pipe one of the neighborhood MILFs, wearing her "I'm still kidding myself - Britney Spears short - denim miniskirt" comes strolling up in her inapproriately high espadrille high-heels, smoking a Virginia Slim Ultralight Menthol 120 and reeking of Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot, to peek over my back gate looking for me to take her on a ride to pound-town.

That's what I do with my time.

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