Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XX Q&A Summary (04/23/2015)

Battle System Updates

0:19:27 We’ll be adding three new jobs: dark knight, astrologian, and machinist, and they’ll start from level 30. The job quests for each of these three new jobs will be located in Ishgard. If you want to start leveling these jobs as soon as you enter Ishgard, you’ll be able to do so without progressing through the new main scenario story. You’ll have to be at least level 50 for the new main scenario. By accepting the first job quest, you’ll be able to level up along with the story.

0:20:33 The level cap will be increased to level 60 for all jobs, and we'll be adding multiple new actions. Disciples of War and Magic jobs will learn new actions from their job quests. You’ll be able to level up without completing these job quests, but that means you won't acquire any new actions, so please be sure to accept job quests as they become available.

Additionally, we've had a lot of requests to create unique level 3 limit breaks, and we'll be doing this for each job. However, the existing level 3 limit breaks will be allocated to certain jobs. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of dragoon’s limit break when we show the Heavensward benchmark off at Niconico Chokaigi 2015.

0:22:14 We’ll be introducing new job-specific equipment as well as other new equipment. We've prepared a lot, so get ready to use your glamour prisms.

We’ll also be introducing two new kinds of Allagan tomestones: Allagan tomestones of Law and Allagan tomestones of Esoterics.

*Artworks for some of the new gear being introduced in Heavensward can be found in this blog post.

Disciples of the Hand Updates

0:24:43 The level cap will be increased to level 60 for Disciples of the Hand classes as well, and we'll be adding new actions for each class. This will differ a bit from the new job actions. There will be three types of actions you can acquire: those learned by leveling up, those learned from class quests, and those learned by completing quests specific to certain actions.*

We’ll also be implementing many new recipes.

Additionally, we’re in the final stages of planning for the implementation of Materia V. We're making fine adjustments to the stats and the rate at which they can be generated to preserve balance. Everything seems to be okay at the moment, and as long as there is nothing that affects balance dramatically we plan on implementing them.

*During the broadcast, we mentioned that new actions can be acquired by leveling, class quests, and the "specialist" system; however they will be acquired via leveling, class quests, and by completing quests specific to certain actions.

0:26:10 Q: What exactly is the specialist system? Can you tell us more? A: From level 55 you’ll be able to undertake a quest to become a specialist, and you can do this for three classes of your choosing. It will be possible to change your specialist classes by using a new item known as "scrips." There will be certain actions that you can only use while you are a specialist, but even if you do not become a specialist, you’ll still be able to take all of the Disciples of the Hand classes to level 60.

While I said that the concept for crafting up until now was such that it’d be fine to just level up any one class, the development team is aware that actions like Byregot's Blessing are a necessity, and that leveling all classes is required to use higher difficulty recipes, making crafting quite difficult. The specialist system is something that balances this out, and allows players to enjoy crafting with more choices.

Disciples of the Land Updates

0:28:50 The level cap will be increased to level 60 for Disciples of the Land classes as well, and new actions will be added for each class. Additionally, we’ll be adding Treasure Hunts, gathering points, and fishing holes to the new areas.

0:29:25 We've also prepared a new system for Disciples of the Land. While Disciples of the Hand classes will have the specialist system, Disciples of the Land classes will have the “favor system.” By using “divine favors” you’ll receive a special buff that will allow you to discover hidden gathering points while the favor is active. The favors will only remain active for a certain amount of time, and you’ll have to figure out when to use certain favors. Favors can be obtained using scrips for Disciples of the Land.

Additionally, we’ll be implementing regional folklore, which are high-level items for those who have reached the new level cap. Think of these as the Disciples of the Land equivalent of master recipe books.

Disciples of the Land and Hand Updates

0:31:46 You’ll receive a request from Rowena at Rowena’s House of Splendors to create items with a certain value, and you can make items that match that value and turn them in. For those without a lot of time who don't plan to play heavily in the crafting market, this new system gives you the option to craft at your own pace, creating items with a clearly defined goal each day. You’ll be able to earn experience points by doing this, so please be sure to use it when leveling up from level 55. You’ll also be able to earn scrips through this system.

0:33:32 The intention behind implementing the scrips system was that advanced materia melding was the only method by which players could increase their stats for Disciples of the Land and Hand classes, and we reached a point where a large amount of items was required to increase stats by even a small amount. For players who wish to race to the top as quickly as possible, they will be able to use materia as they have until now, but we’ll also have an alternative route for players to gear up by gradually saving up scrips. All players will need to use scrips at some point, so there will be a difference in speed for players who spend large amounts of gil on materia, but we're implementing this system with the goal of providing a new route for leveling Disciples of the Land and Hand classes.

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