Letter by Jailed Kerala Ex-Muslim khader . Now he is in Saudi jail for blasphemy.

you need a religion to be moral,

I don't want religion to be moral. I'm a Hindu and Hinduism has been very immoral before independence. But the problem is, I can't agree with them on the above mentioned things. You said different views are possible on this, right? But they can't accept it like that. Any kind of discussion was impossible with my atheist friends. They'd just abuse me using very foul language. What my atheist friends basically things is like atheism is beyond critisism and atheists are morally superior to religious people. I know the reason people say why God doesn't exist. It's because theory of evolution isn't compatible with religion. Also these no evidence of existence of God. I have watched many of Ravichandran's videos on YouTube.

But the atheists that I know in real life are very intolerant. Anyone who doesn't agree wth them is not progressive enough. Have you seen Maitreyan's interview in 24News? He also has very similar view on family life. My atheist friends agree with him and I can't have a discussion with them. I believe in family values. I can't have a life like them. Also I believe topics like reservation should be discussed logically, not by abusing people.

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