Why is letting go a difficult process?

Because fuck my cousin. She's the kinda person who steals her family's identities and ruins her mother's, sister's and underaged children's credit. The same cousin who spent my great grandmother's headstone money on herself and left my great grandmother with an unmarked grave for 12 fucking years.

My mom wanted to rent a house. My cousin couldn't afford her mortgage and was looking for an apartment. No lease was signed. The agreement was the mortgage would be rent, but 2 years later we find out she was charged the mortgage plus $100.

Fast forward a few years. Our furnace goes out. We look towards the our landlord to fix it. Nope. Dodges calls and text. I know a furnace guy. Too old and beyond fixing. Need a new one. Cousin dodges calls and text. A month in the cold the bank eviction notice shows up. Why would she buy a furnace for a house she was losing? Makes since. Well we didn't have anywhere to go. My mom's health deteriorates. My mom avoids the doctor, lack of money and car. Worried about her dog, my brothers, and me. Also saving up as much as she can to move out.

Spring comes and on May 20th, 2009 my mom has a heart attack in the shower. The winter in the cold, plus the stress and not eating right. She never got over this cold she caught. I know it wasn't winter anymore, but she froze to death in that house. I know she could have moved out of the house during the winter. She could have seen a doctor. Lots of blame was on my mom. But she "rented" the house to help out my cousin and after finding out how much she had been fucking us she sacrificed trying to find a new place to stay. My cousin froze her to death after robbing her. Fuck her. She killed my mom, who forgave all the she she did in the past and even the shit she was doing to her up to the point she died.

The dog had cancer by the way, I'm not even joking. So I decided to put her down and cremate her so she could be buried with my mom. My 2 brothers and I bought my great grandmother a headstone with part of our insurance money. I put a down payment on a house for myself with my share years later.

TLDR: My cousin Danielle is scum. She robbed most of my family and I feel she's responsible for my mother's death.

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