Letting someone know you are outside their house at six in the morning in a third world country starterpack

That's Pakistan for you. Unfortunately i'll probably be stuck here until i finish university. To add insult to injury, i'm a closeted atheist. IN PAKISTAN.

My family is by no means poor (we've lived in kuwait until recently) and we've been on vacation to several countries and Pakistan looks like utter garbage in comparison to every single one, it doesn't even come close.

We've only been here for 2 fucking years and my dad's been robbed at gunpoint right in front of our house. I was terrified when i found out my dad was robbed at gun point. THAT is fear, having your entire life depending on the kindness of a stranger who currently has a gun up your ass.

Honestly, i just hope i can just finish my studies and just leave to a country where i won't be killed because of my beliefs.

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