Letting your kid watch a movie on full volume in a restaurant...

That’s nice and all, but that doesn’t work for every individual child out there. I was one of those kids who liked hanging out with the adults like you, my fiancé didn’t have the attention span for it when he was little. Unfortunately our little one takes after him in that respect. I love him to bits, but he’s also not the easiest kid to deal with on any given day. And we aren’t able to find out for sure yet, but it’s also likely he has ADHD (like his daddy) and does a lot of trouble focusing and being able to listen, regardless of how hard I try with him. And oh I do give it my all, and he wears me out daily, though it’s still totally worth it. Sometimes it’s also worth putting on a movie to save your own sanity for a bit. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for all the time, everytime you go somewhere. It’s not like he has a tablet glued to his face 24/7 (I honestly really don’t agree with that), but it’s good for getting through something when he just doesn’t have the attention span or patience for it any longer. He’s not the same kind of kid I was, and that’s okay.

Anyways, it’s a little rude to call something bad parenting when you don’t even know the people. Plus, we live in a different age then when you grew up and when I grew up, and parenting styles have changed over time. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just different. Some families just need to use different methods to help their days go a little more smoothly too, every kid and every family works differently. As long as it isn’t harming the kids, I really don’t have complaints.

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