LF Payday 2 stealth leveling guide

Here's a reliable guide on most aspects of the game - i'd recommend checking out the stealth sections and any guides for stealth heists you plan to attempt.

In terms of skill points, for stealth i'd recommend this build - your main focus is to get;

  • Duck and Cover
  • Parkour (Aced)
  • Forced Friendship
  • Resilience
  • Transporter

This'll let you tie more civs, move around the map and evade sightlines easily, and assist in moving bags.

Aside from that, I would then focus on acing the 'Covert Ops' subtree of Ghost - the majority of stealth skills come from this tree.

After that you'll have a surplus of points left over, which can go into skills like Jack Of All Trades, drill skills, saw skills, and concealment, though you may be somewhat more limited on your skill point spread until you reach Infamy V.

If you have the Clover character pack, that comes with the Burglar perk deck, which is essentially the only stealth perk deck. Use it.

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