LF: Rareballs I'm missing FT: NA Alola Hat Pikachus


Looking for:

  • Pokeball Vivillion

Mythicals with any of the following natures:

  • Timid/Modest Mew
  • Careful/Jolly Jirachi
  • Timid Manaphy
  • Timid Darkrai
  • Timid/Modest Shaymin
  • Timid/Jolly Victini
  • Timid/Hasty Keldeo
  • Timid Meloetta

For trade:

Details of events in my spreadsheet

Proofed Events:

  • NA Unova Cap Pikachu
  • NA Kalos Cap Pikachu
  • NA Alola Cap Pikachu
  • NA Singaporean Original Cap Pikachu
  • NA Partner Cap Pikachu
  • NA Dusk Rockruff

Unproofed events:

  • NA Melemele Island Tapu Koko
  • NA Original Cap Pikachu
  • NA Hoenn Cap Pikachu
  • NA Sinnoh Cap Pikachu
  • 15 NA Shiny Zygarde
  • 15 XY
  • Maaany ER

Thanks for reading!

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