LGBT users of reddit, what is your weirdest first date experience?

Hibachi at a popular sushi place, who else was sitting around waiting at the hibachi when we were seated but my date's ex-girlfriend, who was apparently now macking-level girlfriends with my long time ex-girlfriend. We all laughed it off, of course, in that fake sort of way, but the awkwardness was palpable, especially given those two's friendliness, especially compared to mine and my date's second date status. I sat next to my date's ex, which was just as much fun as you'd imagine sitting next to girl that was previously fucking your current date, and currently fucking your previous girlfriend. Luckily--or unluckily for them cuz im sure they felt the weight of the tension before they even reached their chairs--a straight couple was also seated with us before our chef came on the scene. I damn near almost asked them to sit between us, but that would have only acknowledged the awkwardness which in turn would multiply the awkwardness ten-fold and make a horrible impression on my date. It's true when they say lesbians date their ex's exs. Doesn't make it any less awkward though when you're all huddled in a circle forced to make half conversation, catch shrimp, and applaud your ex and your date's ex when one catches the shrimp and they kiss over it. shivers. To make matters even worse it was the one guy at our table's birthday, so we all had to join in comradery to wish sing him a happy birthday. And then what??? Stay with me! Then the exs offer to pay for the birthday boy's and his girlfriend's meal! Successfully making me feel shitty, making my date laugh awkwardly, and noticeably lowering the success of my date. In the end though, I got a first kiss from the girl, so not a 100% failure.

tl;dr: Lesbian date at hibachi, seated my old ex with my date's recent ex who are now apparently girlfriends. Awkwardness insues.

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