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I apologize about some of the studies I linked. I have a lot of articles about this saved on my phone and sometimes its hard to find the correct links to the right stats, and I was in a rush to reply. Seeing how its very unlikely I'll convince you now over the internet, I highly suggest you read the story of Walt Heyer. He was diagnosed with GD and lived as a woman for eight years. Eventually, a doctor diagnosed him with disassociative disorder, and when he received treatment for that, his desire to be a woman vanished. He regretted his surgeries that he had, which permanantly rendered him sterile, and the overdiagnosis that he sees in today's gender clinics, especially among children. The articles he's written have a lot more depth, nuance, and properly cited sources than I am currently able to provide, so I honestly reccomend that you read some of them. All you really have to do is google his name.

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