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This. They waste their breath trying to get me to agree with them or belittling me for “not being accepting”. No, I will not agree with you, but it’s not like I particularly care either. Like if a man wears really weird clothing in public. Sure, I probably won’t agree with his fashion taste, but it’s not like I’ll tell him to stop wearing it. He’s not hurting himself. He’s not hurting anybody else. I don’t have to give a crap.

And don’t start getting mad about me comparing “sexual identity” with what you choose to wear. Because that’s exactly what it is to me. You “want to be a man?” What “man”? You want to have a penis? Too bad. I want to have a million dollars. You say “oh but it’s not a simple desire. It’s something built into me. In my brain. It’s instinctive.” Yeah but what about the people who die from starvation or lack of clean food and water. I’m pretty sure wanting that is pretty instinctive too. “Oh but that’s not the point here.” Well then what is the point? I’ll tell you what the point is. The point is by being transgender, you are being sexist. Transgenderism is sexist. Why? The whole premise is literally “well men do certain things and feel certain ways, and women do other things and feel other ways. I’m a man, but I feel like a woman and/or act like a woman. Therefore, I must be a woman.” No. Shut up. You’re just a “feminine” (quotations because I don’t believe in gender stereotypes, however impossible that may seem to some) male. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There is, however, a problem with saying you’re a female with a dick. Because you’re not. You have a penis, so you are a male. I don’t give a crap if you’re gay, have gotten boobs and the whole hormone transition thing, and look like a woman on the outside. You have penis? You’re XY? You’re a guy.

Btw OP sorry for trashing your comment with this reply

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