LGBTQ+ redditors, were there any homophobic people in your family/friends? Did you come out to them and if yes how? Did you get accepted?

That's probably the best thing you could do... My dad actually was violent to us for various reasons and my mom could not do a thing. She knew though that my dad was a major homophobe and persuaded him that is he continued to abuse my little brother he would grow up to be gay... Strangely that worked for my bro and he was never violent with him ever again. The bad thing is that after that i was the victim of all the anger and violence. But one day he started beating mom so i kinda snapped, called the police on him and he went a month to jail (turns out he was very hated by his fellow prisoners) and wasn't allowed near us. My mom was mad at me for a while because she thought i ruined our family, but i worked secretly at a gas station at night, breaking out and stuff and after 3 months i had saved up a bunch of money for her to go to more than enough therapy sessions to talk about everything. Also, jokes on him, I'm bi

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