Why is it that liberals are more likely to support Palestine?

I think the terms "pro-Palestine" and "pro-Israel" are pretty much useless. This isn't a soccer match. Most average liberals support the right of Palestinians to live in a free country of their own, without oppression, while also supporting the right of Israel to exist a secure nation for Jewish people. Anyone who disagrees with this, isn't really a liberal. They are some form of extremist.

But the problem arises when we take a deep look at the situation and see that a free Palestinian state will basically turn into another Afghanistan. And then what? The same people who opposed the occupation will have little to nothing to say about the failed state. But liberals aren't able to move past this mental blockade. We heard for 20 years how horrible the US is for occupying Afghanistan, but what now? The Taliban is committing far worse crimes and literally no one gives a s*** :D

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